Consultation for Practitioners 

Trauma Informed Care & Education

The effects of maternal preconception and prenatal stress and traumatic stress on pregnancy, birth, the early postpartum period and the origins of the maternal-child relationship highlight the importance of addressing the unique needs of each mother-to-be during their transition to parenting.

I consult with practitioners who seek professional and personal support for the integration of trauma sensitive practices in their work with women, their developing babies and those who support them.  

Trauma informed care supports a felt-sense of safety in clients during the preconception, prenatal and early parenting periods by taking into consideration multiple aspects of safety—physical, psychological, social and moral—that shape the experience and physiology of mothers-to-be and their developing babies and impact maternal-child outcomes. 

In my work with professionals, I provide coaching and education that support compassionate connections and the cultivation of nurturing environments during the preconception through early parenting period.

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