Consultation for Individuals & Families

preconception through early parenting 

We transition into parenthood in many ways. We bring our own life experiences and memories to this journey. These past experiences influence how we cope with challenges we may face trying to conceive, during pregnancy, birth, adoption and the early parenting period.

As an educator and coach, my intention is to support compassionate connections and the cultivation of nurturing environments during the preconception through early parenting periods. 

The most important quality of a nurturing environment at any age is that it evokes a feeling of safety in the individual.

I educate individuals in the use of trauma sensitive stress reduction tools including relaxation, breathing, mindfulness and visualization techniques that can:

  • Reduce stress and restore a feeling of calmness

  • Facilitate the creation of a nurturing environment in the preconception, prenatal and early parenting periods to support the health and well-being of the developing child

  • Increase the capacity to cope with feelings of worry, fear, tension and overwhelm related to attempts to conceive, treatment for infertility, pregnancy, birth and early parenting experiences

  • Support the capacity to cope with feelings following a premature birth or difficult birth

  • Support the capacity to cope with feelings following pregnancy or neonatal loss

While it’s not possible to provide any guarantees, preliminary research and experience have shown that these tools can be effective in reducing stress and enhancing well being in women and the individuals who support them from the preconception through early parenting periods.

While I have a doctorate in clinical psychology, prenatal and perinatal psychology and have received training in energy psychology, I’m not licensed in the State of California as a psychologist or as any other licensed health care provider and I do not provide psychotherapy services.