Consultation & Coaching

My intention in my work with individuals and professionals is to provide coaching and education that support compassionate connections and the cultivation of nurturing environments during the preconception through early parenting period.

As an educator and coach I focus on stress management and issues relating to preconception, pregnancy, birth, and early parenting experiences.  While I have a doctorate in clinical psychology and have received training in prenatal and perinatal psychology, and energy psychology, I’m not licensed in the State of New York as a psychologist or as any other licensed health care provider and I do not provide psychotherapy services.

I use several innovative energy methods based on the newly emerging field of energy psychology but only as self-help tools and for educational and coaching purposes.


I specialize in providing support to women and their partners who:

  • Have undergone infertility treatment, regardless of the outcome;
  • Are concerned about how past or recent experiences of stressful life events may impact their experiences of conception, infertility treatment, pregnancy, prenatal care, birth and early parenting;
  • Are challenged by the feelings they experienced during and after a difficult pregnancy, pregnancy loss, premature birth or a difficult birth;
  • Are concerned about the feelings they are experiencing in a pregnancy that has followed infertility treatment, previous pregnancy loss, or a previous premature or difficult birth.


Together, we find simple ways to reduce the experience of stress in the mind and body and restore a sense of calmness. These methods make it possible to increase the capacity to cope with the wide range of feelings that may arise while attempting to conceive, during infertility treatment, pregnancy, birth and the early parenting period.

I coach individuals in the use of energy methods, which can be used for self-care and self-help by addressing emotional issues, promoting wellness and peak performance. These mind-body techniques are designed to release constricting patterns of response and address the energetic influence of thoughts, beliefs, and emotions on the body.

These energy methods work with acupuncture points and the body’s energy systems to address imbalances within the person’s system. I have been trained to use Comprehensive Energy Psychology tools as a coach and educator by the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) and the Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT) by TATLife.

I also coach individuals in the use of additional tools that can help them cope with the varied experiences they may encounter on their journey towards parenting.

These include the use of relaxation, breathing, mindfulness, and visualization techniques. I have been trained in breath practices that support stress reduction in Breath-Body-Mind seminars with Richard Brown, MD and Patricia Gerbarg, MD.

While it’s not possible to provide any guarantees, preliminary research and experience have shown that these tools can be effective in reducing stress and enhancing well being in women and their partners from the preconception through early parenting period, and also in the practitioners who care for them.