Interactive Study Groups Forming

Exploring the Impacts of Prenatal Development and Experience on Health, Behavior and Relationships Over the Life Span

Dear Colleagues:

I invite you to join me in an interactive study group conducted via video conference call, during which we will explore selected topics from the ground-breaking body of knowledge and research synthesized in my new book “Prenatal Development and Parents’ Lived Experiences: How Early Events Shape Our Psychophysiology and Relationships(2016, W.W. Norton, Series on Interpersonal Neurobiology).

The focus of the study group will be:

  • The critical impacts of the prenatal and early postnatal periods on physical, emotional, cognitive and social development over the life span
  • The impacts of preconception and prenatal stress, traumatic stress and loss on mothers-to-be, their offspring and their relationship, and the influence of intergenerational trauma
  • How health and mental health practitioners can best support parents-to-be in creating a nurturing environment for themselves and their developing babies before and after birth
  • The implications of recent knowledge demonstrating the relationship between an individual’s earliest development and their health over the life span for practitioners working with children and adults at any age

Readings from the book will inform the discussions in a series of three 75-minute small group conference calls (maximum 8 people). Participants are asked to sign up for the series. The registration fee is $135 for three calls.

Calls will be recorded so registrants can listen at their convenience if they are unable to participate during the live call. Day and evening times will be offered starting the first week in April 2017.

If you would like to register or have any questions, please call me at:  516 972-0388. You may also email me at

You can “Look Inside” my book at:

I look forward to exploring how this vital information can inform your work with individuals and families and support your personal growth and healing.